“The Jed” is an Iranian marital art that in spite of remaining unknown from nobility and no exaggeration in richness, continued to be in the same level with classic marital arts such as Taekwondo, Judo, Aikido or familiar sports such as Muay Thai, Sambo, etc. Marital art, Jed, is an art that basically roots in civilization, culture, ancient history and war technique and since time immemorial has flourished in the Iran’s cultural territory and historical land and there is no imitation from other countries marital sports which exist in Iran. “The Jed” means difficult work and originally is an Iranian word.

In 1966, Marital art, Jed, which was depicted by a group of military officers and Iranian physician and after comprehensive studies based on scientific perspective, knowledge of military personal combat techniques, anatomical science and Medical Physiology and human’s MotionBiomechanics; inspiring from Iranian native wrestling techniques, widespread wood playing among tribes and the noble dynasties, song beat of prevalent dance or those which root in the civilization of Iran, how to take wood and fencing among militants, form and the pictures of utensil, tools, plaque and remaining statue of ancient times; wrestling, grappling, fencing, combat scene and type of Iranian weapons, has become wide spread. Taking benefit from valuable experiences and memories of some people who constantly remembered special combat and war technique of Iran since time immemorial and learned from their ancestors and anonymously keeps the mystery of this technique, have played an important role in forming this art. After forming, initially and during the last governance, this marital style was supposed to change to original genre and personal and group combat standards of Iran’s army forces, but Islamic revolution in 1978 prevent such important issue to happen. This art is designed for full and professional defense, to absolutely knock up the enemy, definite demolition as well as aggressive person and also within its structure, physical form, race and bodily capability of the tribes inside the Iranian plateau has been the criteria to design that is completely similar to many southeast Asian marital arts and new-emerged types of this sports have no presentational and acrobatic or only preventive aspect. Therefore, holding competition is not common in this sport; because if the technique is performed professionally there is likely that one of the them experience serious and irreversible injury or may succumbed to death. In this marital art, in a different approach with some kind of southeast Asian marital sports that is developed by inspiring of animal behavior and movement; criteria and the origin of the inspiration, human capabilities, mental and physical structure and ability and human motion as an living beings is considered. And though animal paintings such as eagle and falcon, lion or wale that are the symbol of the sea, sky and earth kings, all are popular for the warriors and exist on their cloths and tools; however inspiring this art to perform technique, how to establish, ability, capability and all the elements and natural creatures, from stone, soil, water, fire and wind to kinds of aquatic flora and fauna and bird is modeled and in its final place, and considering human capability as an model, are reach to physical and mental approach and this is human which is considered as an design criteria and hoe to perform this arts and finally human and his place and capability as well as mental and motional creatures are respected and is significantly important.

In this marital art, converse to different types of southeast Asian marital sports and marital style that are emerged from these sports, instead of using limited standard technique and gestures, repeated or known movement or working with special tools such as wooden statue which ten-fold limited exercise should be repeated in it, or using clothes and special exercise instrument; there in no need to have special cover, limited exercise device or particular tool and its technique don’t require special capability or performance in a certain situation. The marital art ‘ Jed’ contain different vision to perform the technique, compared to other marital style and is possible to be performed and aquireded by anyone, any ages and gender, at every level or bodily states and mental and physical disability, cover, old and modern cloths, any indoors or outdoors. On the ground, hanging in the air and submerging in the water and various weather like desert, Forest, mountain or rain, snow and snowstorm; and how to perform these technique changes, depending on situation, circumstances, and mental or physical ability of every person; as performing a single technique by two people can be completely different in performance and new person depend on single capability present new quality and reach to the level the never seen before and although this innovative feature can perform at any marital style; but a widespread and fixed characteristic is the common feature of any ‘ Jed’ marital art and need no marital art genius. In other words, correct performance of technique in this art is not the ultimate purpose, but the result of performing technique is important and learn the war to reach that result, the simplest and most accurate way is the goal which is trained and adaptability constitute one of the main part of marital art.


Founder of Jed marital art

The late brigadier general and the doctor “Seyed Habib-o-Allah Azimi” born in 1922 in Salek-Moalem village(foothill of Kheire-Sang mountain) of Ahmad Sar-Gurab prefecture, and died in 1992 in capital Tehran, is the founder and the first chairman of Jed marital art style. The late “S. Habib-o-Allah Azimi” who is the son of “Seyed Mahmoud Azimi” (1246-1321) is from Foumanat tribal chiefs and village Shamla of Shaft city in Gilan Province. The late “S. Mahmoud Azimi” the father of S. Habib-o-Allah is quoted that he was specialized in wood playing art (using stick as weapon) shooting and horse-riding. In 1929, the late “S. Habib-o-Allah Azimi” entered into the school of army and following studies and Secondary courses, in addition to progress in army force with high degree, at the same time he performed different sports and studied medical major and law in army also involved in many careers. Among his honor apart from founding The marital art ‘Jed’, he is considered as fencing sport championship, Boxing championship, swimming championship, medical degree in Pediatrics, law, passing special course of surgery in army, and the president of army health department in several province including Gilan, Directorate of army Prosecuting attorney in Gilan Province and he was retired with General grade of Armed Forces General Staff. During the past Land reform regime, the late“S. Habib-o-Allah” was among those who honored this bill and granted all his land to the native people and residents of this land and properties Without any expectation. Also we should refer that the late“S. Habib-o-Allah” played an important role in promoting, founding and supporting different major of sports and creating facility, salon and sport club in a private form and sport that he was involved in them.

The chairman of the style and manager of The ‘Jed’ marital art foundation

After some improvement in this marital art, the completion steps was organized by the son of the late “S. Habib-o-Allah Azimi” and reached to its technique richness and rightful place. At the present, the master “Seyed AliReza Azimi” the son of “S. Habib-o-Allah Azimi” is the chairman of the style and manager of The ‘Jed’ marital art foundation. “S. AliReza Azimi” was born in Tehran, in 1968 and spent childhood to completing secondary course period at Tehran and Rasht cities and also finished academic studies at the University of Gilan and (Polytechnic)Amir Kabir University of Tehran. Apart from academic studies along with research “S. Habib-o-Allah Azimi” he also kept his father’s valuable experience in the field of Acupuncture; and in cooperation with Knowledge of martial and Functioning and performance of the human body as well as serving as an student for several master, he could introduce special way of acupuncture that was different from Chinese Acupuncture and dedicated to the unique and Iranian old medicine which provide a very appropriate path for research and study. Since childhood “S. AliReza Azimi” was involved in marital sport exercise and duo to much interesting to this sport, Simultaneously practiced marital art in various fields; therefore by the end of age 20, he was succeeded to take black belt in Taekwondo, Kan Zen Ryu style in Karate, Kyokushin, Wushu, Full Kontakt, kickboxing,self defense system , ju boxing , judo and etc and he also received over ten style as well as many sign such as green tiger Shaolin and today many heroes inside and outside the country take advantage from his experience. Currently, apart from over 30 years of Coaching Experience in marital arts and Wining 50 national championship tournament in various field, he also had Coaching Experience in wrestling, Boxing, fitness , etc as well as personal defense committee and he was the only qualified person for Golden Cammerbund which is the highest degree in marital art. Master Azimi is one of the most diligent coach at marital sport and has dedicated much time of his life to educate the disciple and offering his marital knowledge to the cherished Iranian citizen. Nowadays, many of his apprentices are in charge of consultation or military force training, in different state of European to northern America countries. He was also President of the Diabetes Association in Tehran and Senior Adviser on International Affairs and Sports Nutritionof the Diabetes Association in Qom Province.

His services during the presidency of Tehran Diabetes Association and establishing a self-sufficient structure, providing requirements for Diabetic patients and interim manager of health ministry is clear and Diabetic patients never forgot his efforts.



August 20, 2016 Founder of Jed marital art: Prof. Dr. Seyed Habib-o-Allah Azimi The chairman of the style and manager of The ‘Jed’ marital art foundation: Prof. Dr. Seyed AliReza Azimi

The attitude and educational structure in marital art

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